Services We Provide

We can offer individual care packages that can vary according to the assessed needs of the client and we will produce a comprehensive and personalised individual support plan after an initial assessment.

Personal Hygiene

We will assist you with a wash, shower or bath and get you dressed and ensure your home is clean, take your medication and ensure you are comfortable until we return.


Our carers can complete shopping with you if you are able to get out and also complete shopping for you if you find it difficult to get out.


We will support with medication administration throughout the day, ensure we keep accurate records of your medication and collect repeat prescriptions when required


Not only is loneliness and isolation a huge problem, it has also been associated with health issues such as depression, sleep problems, hypertension, stress and mental health problems.

Domestic Tasks

We will support you to keep your home clean, complete laundry and ironing services and packing away clothes nicely. We also provide dusting, and vacuum cleaning services.

Live In Care

At times, you may need extra help in your home for your loved ones if you are going away briefly or if unforeseen circumstances arise. We can provide support overnight or for a period of time. 


Our carers can also prepare home made meals or assist with heating a ready made meal. If you require support with feeding, our carers can assist.

Leisure and activities

Our carers can also accompany you to all those leisure activities you would like to go to. We are also there to assist when required.

Company & Transport

We provide transport to take you to doctor and hospital appointments and any other leisure activities, such as golf or shopping. 

Respite Care

Sometimes your loved one will need a break from caring for you and we can support in those circumstances. We will provide day to day care of the older person until such time as the family are back to care for them.

Working Night

We provide support during the night should you require it. We have an on call support system 24-7.


The care assistant sleeps at the property for a minimum of eight hours and is on hand if required. This option will suit you if you don’t require regular support but feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night.

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